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Why You Should use TouchSmart

For today and tomorrow's new normal...don't forget the essentials...Keys, Wallet, Phone , Mask and TouchSmart!

Your First Line of Defense

Wherever you go, TouchSmart easily comes along. It goes to work on high-touch areas; just spray it on - no need for wiping or rinsing. With those simple steps the active ingredients in TouchSmart help protect yourself AND those around you.  

Decreases surface-to-surface transmission

Scientists have found that germs can live on surfaces for considerable amounts of time. TouchSmart decreases the chance of germs being transmitted between people through surfaces.

It is not intended to replace hand sanitizer, but is another protective essential for whatever life throws at you. TouchSmart and hand sanitizer serve as a one-two punch against germs!

About TouchSmart

Let's Face It: The Pandemic Has Changed the Way We Live, Interact and Move About the World 


TouchSmart is a travel-size approved multi-surface, germ fighting, citrus cleaning spray that fits comfortably in a purse, pocket or backpack. Use it in the workplace, dining at your favorite restaurants or kid's hangout, shopping for groceries, public transportation - you get it- practically anywhere life takes you!

What we Believe

The most important ingredient in TouchSmart is one that you can't see: CARE.

"We know that the health and safety of your family, friends and colleagues’ matter - A lot. That’s why we hold ourselves to a TouchSmart CARE standard that goes above and beyond to help protect you against the germs and unclean surfaces that we all encounter on a daily basis."
          - Charlotte Sheppard, Founder

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