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Where can you use TouchSmart?

Where can you use

Let’s drop the label of your favorite big brand cleaner...

What are we left with?

Manufactured scents and thick content that leaves behind sticky residue.When choosing a cleaning spray, a lot of questions come up about the amount of residue the product leaves behind and, depending on if it’s used directly on human skin, whether it dries out your skin or not. 

There are many different ways to use our cleaning sprays, but here are some uses that we recommend for getting the best use out of your spray:


Door Handles

Public Restrooms

Cars, Buses, Trains, Ride Sharing and Gas Pumps


Co-Working Spaces

Daycares and Diaper Bags


Grocery Carts

Hotel Amenities

The Airport

Sharable Scooters

Another problem that users of cleaning sprays run into is the scent. There are very few cleaners out there that focus on the safety of the scents they’re using just as much as the product’s disinfecting abilities. Cleaners that use essential oils like TouchSmart actually contain benefits compared to the many disadvantages that come with manufactured and or synthetic scents in your average spray. This additional safety measure when it comes to the health of those who come into contact with TouchSmart, allows the spray to be used almost anywhere.

To make it even more convenient, TouchSmart cleaning sprays come in travel-safe packaging that can be brought on airplanes. TouchSmart is a portable 3oz multi-surface cleaning spray. Small enough to carry, big enough to provide 99.9% germ-free on-the-go protection when cleansing the surfaces that you and your immune system encounter daily. And according to the CDC, a person may contract COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes. TouchSmart uses active ingredients that are known to be effective against the COVID-19 virus on non-porous surfaces.

Are synthetic scents bad for you in sanitizing cleaners and what are the benefits of using essential oils?

The short answer is yes. These scents typically come from petrochemicals (think petroleum), and can be harmful to human health. This is especially true over long periods of time where these chemicals have the chance to build up in your system. The list of these petrochemicals found in synthetic fragrances include phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors, and benzene derivatives, aldehydes, and toluene, which are known carcinogens. This laundry list of chemicals finds its way into many of the big brand cleaning sanitizing sprays. Meanwhile, our sanitizing sprays are made with essential oils which are plant derived and human safe.

There are loads of benefits that many don’t know about when putting essential oils in our cleaning sprays. Here are some benefits from essential oils:

  • Essential oils can be effective at stopping the growth of some types of bacteria and fungi
  • Essential oil appears to be effective at reducing levels of stress and anxiety. It may also be beneficial for depression, although more research is needed

How can I get TouchSmart?

TouchSmart is available online and ships to your door after a short checkout process. If you order 4 or more bottles, they ship for free!

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