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Safety in a single portable spray

The Essentials: 

Keys, Wallet, Phone,
Mask and

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Spread Love, Not Germs. 

TouchSmart Kills  Germs On Surfaces you encounter daily

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Don’t worry, we've got you covered!

TouchSmart is a portable 3oz multi-surface cleaning spray. Small enough to carry, big enough to provide 99.9% germ-free on-the-go protection when cleansing the surfaces that you and your immune system encounter daily. 

Fresh Clean Smell 


Fine Mist Spray  

Essential Oils 

Kills Germs and Bacteria  

Why TouchSmart?

Both compact and convenient, TouchSmart is a travel-size multi-surface cleaning spray that fits comfortably in a purse, pocket, or briefcase. It can be used in the workplace, dining at your favorite restaurants, grocery shopping, before and after the gym - practically anywhere life takes you!  

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Protect yourself and your family in today’s new normal with our TouchSmart Cleaning Spray

Use it anywhere life takes you

Your life is busy, why not simplify your safety? Get TouchSmart for all of your spaces - purse, backpack, diaper bag, and car so that wherever you go, TouchSmart can go too.

Whether you're encountering planes, taxis, hotels, or public restrooms TouchSmart is meant for you on the move and designed to fit conveniently wherever you need it.

Life Is Complex, TouchSmart is Simple

Ethanol Alcohol Denat

Purified Water

Essential Oils

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